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A connected cooktop could keep you from burning breakfast

The Paragon induction hotplate setup promises precision cooking — for a price.

The world needs an app-connected hotplate like … well, I’m not sure if we need one, but we’re getting one, regardless. FirstBuild, the company responsible for a $250-to-$500 coffeemaker, is back at it with the Paragon setup. Promising precision cooking via an array of built-in sensors that automatically adjust the induction cooktop’s heat output automatically, FirstBuild hopes you’ll think the granular temperature adjustment settings are worth the price of admission.

Whereas the last-generation Paragon Probe for sous vide monitored and regulated the temperature of the liquid you were cooking with, the new Paragon Mat (the magenta bit in the picture above) takes a different approach. It works with the Paragon hotplate to keep your pan at an exact temperature. That means no more burning bacon because you accidentally set the range top to “high” instead of “medium high.”

The entire setup (sous vide probe, cooktop, mat) will set you back $349 via IndieGogo, with a $150 discount if you back it on the first day. Or you can use this handy-dandy link and get it for $199 beyond the campaign’s debut.

Via: Engadget




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